• Marketing & Communication consulting
  • Social Media consulting
  • Suppliers research...
  • Branding : logo, guidelines
  • Poster, flyer, brochure
  • Packaging, Label
  • Press, edition
  • Stationery...

Fascinated by visual and graphic arts, I entered the world of communication and art since I joined the University.

My professional background began in communication and advertising agencies as a project manager where I handled a variety of projects (from brief to production / completion / delivery). I had the chance  to work on various medias such as poster campaigns, newspaper ads, social viral campaigns, TV and radio campaigns, street marketing, magazines and institutional portfolios, creating graphic profiles, POS design ...

After gaining rigor in my work as well as commercial and operational skills, my creativity reached a professional level to offer my services.

From creation to production I will be happy to assist you in your projects!